#Housing2030 digital conference | 14th April 2021

#Housing2030's fourth and final in our series of thematic conferences will be dedicated to affordable housing finance.

Right at the start, Ireland's Minister for Housing, Darragh O'Brien announced that this summer, Ireland will be publishing a new 'Housing for All' strategy and delivery of more social, affordable homes will have a key role in the plan. 

Later in the morning, Michelle Norris from University College Dublin, Manuel Aalbers from KU Leuven and Grzegorz Gajda from the European Investment Bank shared their thoughts on improving investment pathways. Remember to tune in for the three podcasts with our main panellists here.

As usual, representatives of national and local governments, social and affordable housing providers and policy experts shared their experiences with innovative policies which have succeeded in generating funding for the delivery of affordable housing options. 

🙎🏻 What are the barriers to providing sufficient investment and funding for the development of affordable housing options?

👴🏽 What are the challenges that globalised finance can pose with regard to meeting the objective of access to affordable, quality homes for all?

🔑 Are there tried and tested policy solutions that can solve this jigsaw puzzle?

Find out in the recording.


Keynote address

Josh Ryan- Collins, Head of Finance and Macroeconomics at the UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose

The ‘affordable housing finance’ toolkit

Michelle Norris, School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice, University of Dublin 

How can we use finance and related regulations and institutions to improve affordable housing outcomes?

Panel moderated by Elena Szolgayova, #Housing2030 Co-Chair 

  • Barry O’Leary, Housing Finance Agency of Ireland

  • Virginie Toussain, l’Union sociale pour l’habitat (USH)

  • Solveig Råberg Tingey, The Danish Federation of Non-Profit Housing Providers (BL)

  • Javier Burón Cuadrado , Housing Division – Barcelona City Council

  • Anna Kornecka, Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Labour and Technology



#Housing2030 digital conference | 24th February 2021

Long-term housing strategy and fit for purpose policies, leadership at all levels, capable implementation, reinforcement of performance, ensuring inclusiveness and accountable, responsive citizens are the main ingredients of good housing systems. They need to be adapted to local needs, Julie Lawson - the lead writer of the Housing 2030 report and the joint initiative of Housing Europe, UN-Habitat and UNECE, Housing 2030 - stressed at the initiative's third conference 'Good governance and regulation to support affordability in housing'. The event took place on 24th February and was part of the two-day UNECE Regional Online Workshop "Housing governance to support housing affordability". 

"The Commission urges Member States to put in their recovery plans a particular focus on enhancing the availability of social and affordable housing, for example, via construction and renovation", the Director of the European Commission's DG for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, Katarina Ivanković Knežević stated and added that the set up of the Housing 2030 initiative and its work in building capacity and displaying best practice is very timely, not only to raise awareness but also support the development of new approaches to housing. 

As a tradition, the last panel showcased front runners from the sector, including Housing Europe's Portuguese member, Gebalis, the National Housing Federation of England, German cooperatives, the city of Bratislava and Newcastle City Council. We invite you to listen to them and we also offer you to tune in for the latest Housing 2030 podcasts about governance.


Housing 2030 event 

24th February 2021

Keynote presentation - Mr. József Hegedüs, Managing Director at the Metropolitan Research Institute, Budapest, Hungary

The #Housing2030 ‘Good Governance’ policy toolkit - Ms. Julie Lawson, #Housing2030 Lead Writer and Honorary Associate Professor at RMIT University

#Housing2030 Workshop session Two “What are the buildings blocks of a system of governance and regulation that serves to promote affordability in housing” 

Moderator: Ms. Elena Szolgayova, #Housing2030 Co-Chair

Representatives of national and local governments, social and affordable housing providers and policy experts will share their experiences with housing policies. 

Please find all slides from this panel here.

  • Ms. Catherine Ryder, National Housing Federation of England, UK

  • Mr. Guido Schwarzendahl, Bauverein Halle - Cooperative Housing Association, Germany

  • Mr. Neil Munslow, Newcastle City Council, UK

  • Mr. Pedro Pinto de Jesus, GEBALIS Public Housing Company, Lisbon, Portugal

  • Ms. Lucia Štasselová, Deputy Mayor of Bratislava, Slovakia

UNECE Regional Online Workshop "Housing governance to support housing affordability"

23th February (Day 1)

Overview of key international initiatives on affordable housing in Europe

Mr. Tilman Buchholz, German Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community 

Ms. Marissa Plouin, Housing Policy Analyst, Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs, OECD

Ms. Nathalie Roebbel, Head of Unit, Air Quality and Health, the World Health Organization 

Mr. Grzegorz Gadja, Senior Urban Sector Specialist, Regional and Urban Development, European Investment Bank 

Ms. Elena Szolgayova, #Housing2030 Initiative Co-Chair

Mr David Orr, #Housing2030 Initiative Co-Chair

Ms. Julie Lawson, Lead Writer of the study report - Overview of the #Housing2030 Initiative

Panel discussion on “Governance for affordable, adequate and healthy housing for all”

Introduction: Mr. Brian Evans, Professor of Urbanism and Landscape, Head of Urbanism, Mackintosh School of Architecture, The Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, the United Kingdom

Ms. Aša Rogelj, Deputy Director General, Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Slovenia

Ms. Susanne Bauer, International Relations, the City of Vienna, Austria

Mr. Knut Höller, Executive Member of the Board, Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe. 

24th February (Day 2)

Subregional workshop on “Governance of the housing sector: Focus on South-East Europe”

Ms. Doris Andoni, Director, Housing, Ministry of Finance and Economy of Albania

Ms. Svetlana Ristić, Head of Section of Housing Policy, Energy Efficiency and Public Utilities  

Ms. Tijana Zivanovic Milic, International Cooperation Specialist, Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Serbia 

Mr. Marko Čanović, Director General, Department of Housing Development, Ministry of Ecology, Spatial Planning and Urbanization of Montenegro

Mr. Andrew Popelka, Senior Energy Advisor, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), USA



#Housing2030 digital conference | 10 November 2020



#Housing2030 digital conference | 10 November 2020

Climate change is the key issue facing us all. At the same time, millions of people in the UNECE region suffer from energy poverty, while households and the construction industry remain significant sources of CO2 emissions. Thus, housing goes right to the heart of the climate question.

This online conference, part of the #Housing2030 initiative led by Housing Europe, the UNECE and UN-Habitat, was presented in partnership with the City of Glasgow. It aimed to highlight effective and innovative policies to improve the climate and energy performance of our homes in a way that does not put an unsustainable financial burden on low- and middle-income households.

Positive policy solutions to improve housing affordability in the UNECE region

Presentation by Dr Julie Lawson, Lead Writer & Content Coordinator of Housing 2030

Presentation by Dr Holger Wallbaum, Lead Author of the Housing 2030 Climate-neutral Housing Chapter

“How can we make the necessary environmental sustainability and liveability upgrades to housing stocks without increasing costs for low- and moderate-income households?”​

Björn Mallants, VVH – The Association of Flemish Housing Companies

Anu Sarnet, EKYL – The Estonian Union of Co-operative Housing Associations

Andoni Hidalgo, Opengela – Basque one-stop-shop for neighbourhood level renovation

Peter Gergely, Slovakian Ministry of Transport & Construction

Monica Scatasta, Council of Europe Development Bank

Joint presentation

Conclusions from the day


Housing 2030 - Malta's potential.png


A #Housing2030 initiative webinar | 17 September 2020

Malta, like other Euro-American societies has experienced drastic demographic, political and economic transformations due to the pull of progress brought about by an economic boom. Such changes, which are largely experienced at a household level, cannot be ignored by the state. Hence, the Ministry for Social Accommodation sought to address these social shifts by developing and implementing its first-ever national housing system. The Ministry has made clear that it is putting the home at the centre of Maltese society - a vision which is rethinking and re-evaluating contemporary housing from a holistic perspective. This system is taking a people-centred approach to housing as it invests in adequate housing in order to ensure security, belonging, prosperity and wellbeing in Malta.

This online workshop was organised by the Ministry for Social Accommodation, Malta in cooperation with United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), Housing Europe, UN-Habitat and Union for the Mediterranean within the initiative “#Housing2030 - Improving Housing Affordability in the UNECE region.

 ​Presentation by Doris Andoni

​ Presentation by Grzegorz Gadja

​ Presentation by Iacovou Charalambos

​ Presentation by Javier Buron

​ Presentation by Julie Lawson

​ Presentation by Kurt Xerri​

​ Presentation by Lisa Bullen

​ Presentation by Manana Hafnaoui

​ Presentation by Marissa Plouin

​ Presentation by Rachael Scicluna

​ Presentation by Sophie Lecoq

​ Presentation by Susanne Bauer ​



A #Housing2030 initiative webinar

This has been the first online workshop, organized on May 20th within the initiative “#Housing2030 - Improving Housing Affordability in the UNECE region” implemented by Housing Europe, UNECE Committee on Urban Development, Housing and Land Management and UN Habitat. #Housing2030 is a joint international initiative making the case that it's time to Think (and do!) differently when it comes to housing affordability. This first event was dedicated to the first #Housing2030 work pillar, namely Land.


Julie Lawson - The land policy toolkit