The Climate Protection Initiative in Austria

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Klimaaktiv is the climate protection initiative of the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism. Since 2004, Klimaaktiv has covered all central technology areas for sustainable energy use with the main topics “Building and renovation”, “Saving energy”, “Renewable energy” and “Mobility”. The initiative contributes to the development of quality standards, advice and training by communicating results via its digital platform of initiatives by companies, countries and municipalities, organizations and private individuals.

Klimaaktiv has developed a building certification scheme called Klimaktiv Gebäudestandard (Klimaaktiv building standard), which issues certification at three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Concerning energy efficiency, CO2 emissions, construction materials and other criteria, the Klimaaktiv standard has requirements that go significantly beyond the legal obligations set in the building code. In some Austrian provinces, the housing promotion scheme is linked to the Klimaaktiv certification standard (Klimaaktiv certification either as direct eligibility criteria or as bonus criteria). The majority (54 per cent) of all multifamily houses with the Klimaaktiv standard were built by limited-profit housing associations.[1]


Actors involved

  • Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK)



More information

[1] For more about the buildings subsidized, see the Klimaactiv database (