Tax deduction – Luxembourg and Sweden

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Tax incentives can be used to steer investment in energy-efficiency measures. The reduction of VAT or tax deductions on renovation activities, mainly on labour costs, has often created win-win-situations for the environment, economic growth, and created/assured workplaces.

Luxembourg has introduced a reduced tax of 3 per cent on all construction and renovation of housing, provided the property is intended as a main residence.[1] The total amount of the VAT benefit cannot exceed EUR 50,000 per built and/or renovated residence. In Sweden, the system is called “ROT-avdrag” (repairs, conversion, and extension – deduction)[2]. Repair, maintenance, conversions and extensions are counted as ROT work, and are tax deductible up to 50,000 Swedish croons (approximately EUR 5,000) per person per household per year.



More information

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