Swedish Tenants’ Union – advocacy in negotiating tenant and landlord agreements

Stockholm, Sweden Good governance, Tenant and owner-occupier involvement frameworks


All tenants of rented housing in Sweden, including for-profit and non-profit provision, have the right to be involved in negotiating rents and tenancy conditions. This builds on a distinctive history of rented housing regulation which treats all forms of rented housing the same. This is reinforced by tenant mobilization and active campaigns for rights. Representative organizations of tenants and landlords negotiate tenancy agreements. If landlords refuse to negotiate with tenants, a statutory Rent Tribunal has the power to impose an arrangement regarding rent levels and tenancy conditions.[1]

[1] Haymanot Baheru, “Swedish Legislation of Residential Tenancies: An Interaction between Collective Bargaining and Mandatory Regulation”, Revista Electronica de Direito, No. 3, October 2017. Available at https://www.uni-bremen.de/fileadmin/user_upload/fachbereiche/fb6/fb6/Forschung/ZERP/TENLAW/FollowUp/Malta/Malta_4.3__2018__Regulating_Rental_Conditions_through_Collective_Bargaining_-_H_Baheru.pdf.

Actors involved

  • Hyresgästföreningen - Swedish Tenants' Union