Île-de-France Public Property Establishment

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The Île-de-France Public Property Establishment (french: Etablissement Public Foncier – EPF) is the public land banker for Île-de-France. EPF contributes to the housing supply and supports economic development by actively buying undeveloped greenfield land or brownfield sites, preparing these for further development and reselling them for housing development purposes.



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This public agency focuses strongly on meeting housing needs and improving neglected housing acquired from slum landlords. In infill areas, its preparatory work may involve demolition of existing buildings, asbestos removal, and decontamination of land. The costs of this work are recovered in the resale process and according to the regional and sectoral needs. EPF currently has 18,000 sites, of which 50 per cent have been dedicated to social housing. A detailed and up-to-date map of EPF’s activities is available on its website (http://www.epfif.fr/).