Capacity-building in professional housing management in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan Awareness-raising and training, Climate sustainability


Efficient and qualified housing administration is a prerequisite for the modernization of the rapidly deteriorating housing stock in Central Asia. As a professional market for housing management has not been sufficiently developed, it is crucial to improve the legal conditions for housing management, to strengthen the role of qualified housing managers in the high-quality maintenance of residential buildings, and to support energy-efficient refurbishment. Within the professional housing project, training is offered by the Housing Initiative for Eastern European (Initiative Wohnungswirtschaft Osteuropa – IWO), the European Training Centre for the Housing and Real Estate Industry (EBZ) Germany, SHANYRAK association of management entities, services and energy service in housing sector Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, Association of the Organizations of Professionally Managing and Serving Housing Funds in Uzbekistan and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Kazakhstan. This training is given to enhance the professionalism and improve the organizational and institutional capacities of business intermediary organizations dealing with housing and energy efficiency issues.