The ‘cocktail of change’ improving the cities we live in

07 Dec 7760
With Brian Evans
Glasgow City

We can’t judge a book by its cover but can we have a clear idea of the vision of a city by looking at how liveable it is? Paying special attention to the level of existing affordable housing, the configuration of its neighbourhoods, the ecological footprint of homes and people’s access to green spaces, could be a hint helping us to define how functional megapolises, cities, small towns and rural areas are.

Welcome to the podcast of Housing Europe, the European federation of public, cooperative and social housing providers. This is the 6th episode dedicated to the ‘Housing 2030’ joint international initiative of Housing Europe, UN-Habitat and UNECE.

Glasgow’s first-ever City Urbanist, Brian Evans is the guest of “Making a house a home”. To him, living in cities is a state of being and he sometimes prefers leaving abstraction, percentages and technical terms out of the housing narrative, to remind that people are in the centre of their homes and not in the periphery. Working also as a Professor at Scotland’s Glasgow School of Art, the discussion with Brian Evans gives a lot of food for thought.

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