Homes good for the climate and for the pocket – it is possible

07 Dec 2023
With Martin van Rijn
the Dutch Association of Housing Corporations, Aedes

The changing climate of the planet presents a challenge to all of us. Besides being a key issue that we need to tackle swiftly and effectively, climate change and environmental goals have to be designed to protect all parts of our society. With the need to heat, cool and build our homes more sustainably, housing goes right at the heart of the climate discussion.

Our subscribers who have been closely following this show will notice that there is a change of the voice behind the microphone, the voice of my predecessor Michalis Goudis who kicked-off this show back in 2017. I am Diana Yordanova, it is nice to meet you digitally and I hope you enjoy listening.

This episode is part of our mini-series dedicated to the #Housing 2030 joint international initiative of Housing Europe, UN-Habitat and UNECE. At ‘Making a house a home’ today, we’ll be looking at one of the first movers, implementing innovative solutions to improve the climate and energy performance of homes in the Netherlands in a way that does not put an unsustainable financial burden on the most vulnerable.

Martin van Rijn, Chairperson of the Dutch Association of Housing Corporations, Aedes – member Housing Europe – is our guest today. With more than 2.2 million rental homes, housing companies are the largest homeowner in the Netherlands and a key actor for achieving the country’s climate objectives – to disconnect 7 million homes and 1 million buildings from the gas grid by 2050. Martin’s professional experience makes him able to see the bigger picture. He has been on key roles in what used to be the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment, Secretary of state at the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) during the second mandate of Prime Minister Rutte. This year, he was also a Minister for Medical Care and Sport in probably the most challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our conversation puts climate goals, recovery plans, housing affordability and innovation in the spotlight. 

In this episode, we also invite you to register for the next Housing 2030 digital conference ‘Climate change, environmental and health impacts on housing affordability’ which will be held on 10th November. Executive Vice-President of the European Commission for the EU Green Deal, Frans Timmermans will also be with us and hold the keynote speech. You can find all information about the event on our website