Climate change, environmental and health impacts on housing affordability

01 Mar 2024
#Housing2030 conference

Climate change is the key issue facing us all. At the same time, millions of people in the UNECE region suffer from energy poverty, while households and the construction industry remain significant sources of CO2 emissions. Thus, housing goes right to the heart of the climate question.

This online conference, part of the #Housing2030 initiative led by Housing Europe, the UNECE and UN-Habitat, was presented in partnership with the City of Glasgow. It aimed to highlight effective and innovative policies to improve the climate and energy performance of our homes in a way that does not put an unsustainable financial burden on low- and middle-income households.

Positive policy solutions to improve housing affordability in the UNECE region

Presentation by Dr Julie Lawson, Lead Writer & Content Coordinator of Housing 2030

Presentation by Dr Holger Wallbaum, Lead Author of the Housing 2030 Climate-neutral Housing Chapter

“How can we make the necessary environmental sustainability and liveability upgrades to housing stocks without increasing costs for low- and moderate-income households?”​

Björn Mallants, VVH – The Association of Flemish Housing Companies

Anu Sarnet, EKYL – The Estonian Union of Co-operative Housing Associations

Andoni Hidalgo, Opengela – Basque one-stop-shop for neighbourhood level renovation

Peter Gergely, Slovakian Ministry of Transport & Construction

Monica Scatasta, Council of Europe Development Bank

Joint presentation

Conclusions from the day