Finance and investment mechanisms for affordable and inclusive housing


How to create affordable and inclusive housing for all? On 9th of June, the Kyiv-based NGO, CEDOS discussed how Ukraine can be re-build in a fair way together with the authors of #Housing2030 report.

CEDOS is working to find sustainable solutions for housing reconstruction in Ukraine within the framework of the analytical and discussion initiative Re.Housing for Ukraine. The invent is a part of this initiative.

We discussed:

  • What is #Housing2030? Who is behind the report? What are #Housing2030 main goals?
  • Why are investment and finance tools important to affordable and inclusive housing? What are the funding and finance barriers to increasing the affordable housing supply
  • What are the finance and investment tools that could be used to increase housing affordability (e.g., rent setting, indexation, and regulation; non-profit provision of social and affordable housing; taxation to guide investment in housing)? What are the arguments in favor and against the implementation of these tools?


  • Julie Lawson, Adjunct Professor, Centre for Urban Research, RMIT, Editorial Board Member Housing Theory and Society, Lead author of the UN report #Housing2030
  • Michelle Norris, Professor of Social Policy, Director, Geary Institute for Public Policy, University College Dublin
  • Grzegorz Gajda, Senior Urban Specialist, Urban Division, Projects Department,  European Investment Bank. Podcast about investing right in housing system in transition with Grzegorz:
  • Katerina Zisimopoulou, Senior Urban Specialist (Architect Engineer), Urban Development Division, Projects Directorate, European Investment Bank

Watch the recording of the session.